Friday, September 24, 2010

Little Train, Little Train, Go Around.

We spent the majority of the day working on the Number 2.  Evan can easily recognize the Number 2, but it is much more difficult to write than the Number 1.  To help him learn how to write it, I used a little Train Rhyme.  After all, if it involves trains, it must be awesome!  The rhyme goes like this: “Little Train, Little Train, Go Around.  Little Train, Little Train, Come Back Down.  Little Train, Little Train, On the Track.  Little Train, Little Train, Now Go Back.”  Evan loved this and he wanted to make 2’s all day long.  I had him start on his Number 2 Card, but he still had a difficult time.  I had him try on the board and he did much better.  He loved that my Number 2 had Thomas on it, so he insisted that I draw Percy on his Number 2! 

Writing the Number 2.

Admiring Percy on his Number 2.
Then we made the Number 2 out of a pipe cleaner.  The simplest things can totally amaze a 3 year old.  He thought this was fascinating and literally carried it around with him all day long.  He even took a nap with his Number 2!  He would straighten it out and tell me that he made a Number 1 and then want me to form it back into the Number 2.  Each time, we would say the Train Rhyme together and he just loved it!
Proud of his Number 2 pipe cleaner.

We made another set of foot prints and then drew 2 dots on them.  I would quiz him about how many feet, legs, arms, eyes, ears, etc. that he had and he would answer 2.  I would occasionally throw in something like nose, mouth, etc. and he would say 1. 
2 Dots and the Number 2.
We did a couple of worksheets about the Number 2 and then got out his Math Mat from his "Blueberries for Sal" Lapbook.  He started to just put 2 blueberries in his bucket, but then it turned into, how many blueberries can I fit in my bucket?! 
Completing a worksheet.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, many can we get in?
Today, I introduced Evan to computer games.  He has always been fascinated by computers but never really used them himself.  My Answers in Genesis curriculum came with 3 computer games: Rev Up for Reading, Rev Up for Writing, and Rev Up for Arithmetic.  I showed him how to use the mouse pad on my laptop and he was good to go.  I was so impressed!  He caught right on and played the whole game by himself - and loved it!  He was so proud of himself too and would clap each time he passed a level. 
Playing a Rev Up for Arithmetic game.
We had another gorgeous day here and spent several hours outside playing.  Evan watched me draw a large Number 2 in our driveway and we said the Train Rhyme as I did it.  Then he wanted me to draw trains on it.  By the time it was all said and done, I had drawn Thomas, Percy, James, and Molly on the Number 2!  Evan ran inside and grabbed 2 trains and the boys played on this Number 2 for quite sometime.  Evan would use it as the track and just go over and over it, reciting the Train Rhyme each time. 
Little Train, Little Train, Go Around.
We read "The Carrot Seed" again today and did some work in its lapbook.  We are still waiting and watching for Evan's carrot to grow.  He looks at it all the time and says, "It's growing."  We have been putting it outside during the day to get sunlight.  Today we talked about what plants need to grow - sun, air, and water.  Evan painted some carrot cutouts to go in his lapbook.

Plants need Sun, Air, and Water to Grow.

We also continued our study of the Letter Cc.  Today's Cc word was Cake.  We sang 'Pat a Cake' over and over and Evan painted little pictures for a 'Pat a Cake' book to go in his Cc Lapbook.
Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake, Baker's Man...
Since we talked about carrots and cake, it only made sense to have Evan make a carrot cake!  He loves to be in the kitchen and cook with me and was really excited when I asked him if he wanted to make a cake.  He has always been a little scared of the beater, but today, he did it all by himself.  He was so excited and proud of himself. 
My little chef in the making!
He couldn't wait to decorate his cake, but really just wanted to lick off the frosting!  He asked me to help him and I asked him what he wanted me to put on it.  He wanted a Number 2 and James, so that's what he got!
Decorating his carrot cake.
Admiring his carrot cake while licking the frosting!

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