Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cc is for Cow

This morning, both the boys were putting on dinosaur stamps before we started to play school.  I looked over and saw Alan sucking on his stamp.  I quickly got up to get it from him and he took off down the hallway!  When I finally got it away from him, he was not happy.  He had a nice blue mouth to show for it!

But it was so yummy, Mommy!
Today, we learned that Cc is for Cow.  I got out some cow stamps and Evan had a blast stamping.  He kept asking for more and more paper.  He thought this was really cool!

Cow Stamping!
I had the pieces ready to make a cow puppet and Evan was very excited to put it together.  He just couldn't wait for me to "put a stick on it" so that he could play puppet show.  As he ran into the schoolroom with it, he was asking for Cathy and Bobby B.  Then, he wanted me to get out all the puppets and we put on show after show.  I taught him a new nursery rhyme that we used in our puppet shows.

Charlie Warlie had a cow.
Black and white around the brow.
Open the gate and let her in,
Charlie's cow is home again.

Putting together the Cow Puppet.
Putting on a puppet show with his Cow.
Evan also painted a cow to go in his Cc Lapbook.  By the end of the day, Evan could spell cow!  C-O-W!

He really wanted a purple cow!

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