Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blueberry Pancakes are the 'Maine' thing

This morning, Evan made us Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast.  We made them completely from scratch.  I thought he would enjoy this more than just dumping in Bisquick and milk!  They were really good, and according to Evan, it was his favorite blueberry food that we have made.

Adding the blueberries.
While holding the fork, he says, "Ummmm, can I eat them now?"

Blowing on it to cool it off.

I can't wait any longer...YUMMY!

Today we finished our study on "Blueberries for Sal" by talking about the setting of the book - Maine.  To initiate our discussion, we read another Robert McCloskey book, "One Morning in Maine."  Evan enjoyed this book, because it had the same characters.  Only this time, Sal was a little older and had a younger sister, Jane.  After we read the book, I showed Evan a map of the world and showed him where Missouri was compared to Maine.  Then I showed him a map of the United States and did the same.  We put these maps in his Lapbook.  I used the pictures in the book to talk about Maine.  We talked about how Maine's nickname is the Pine Tree State for all the tall pines that make up the forests.  I told him that 90% of Maine is covered with forests.  Evan painted a little forest chart to put in his lapbook.

Painting the forest green.
We also talked about several different things that Maine is known for:  blueberries, wood, lobster, shipbuilding, livestock, and tourism.  We were able to see many of these things in the pictures of the book.  He painted little pictures of each of these to go in this lapbook. 

Maine is known for...
Evan and Alan were playing while the paint dried, and by the time I made it back into the schoolroom, I caught Alan playing with all the dinosaur stamps.  (He likes them just as much as Evan!)  Evan had taken the pleasure of stamping Alan's forehead a couple of times.  So both boys have dinosaur stamps all over their faces today!

Caught ya!

WHAT?!  Don't I look innocent?!

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