Saturday, September 11, 2010

Field Trip to 'Big Barn' and Bb is for Bubbles

When Evan woke up, he was excited to learn that his 'butterfly' was dry and that he could play with it.  He immediately asked if he could look for butterflies at the barn.

Playing with his 'Butterfly'.
Since yesterday's field trip to the 'Big Barn' was unsuccessful, we took the boys back today.  The whole way there, Evan kept asking if the barn was going to be open and if the animals were going to be open.  We had a lot of fun looking around the barn and seeing all the animals.  We saw turkeys, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, minature horses, rabbits, and a cat.  Evan saw lots of butterflies and had fun chasing them around the big open fields.  Both the boys got to sit on tractors and play on a big barn shaped playground.  Evan also got to 'milk' a pretend cow!  We had a blast!  To view additional pictures from our field trip to the Rutledge-Wilson Farm, visit:

Bb is for Barn.
Evan chasing butterflies (with his butterfly)!
Today, we learned that Bb is for Bubbles.  What kid doesn't love playing with bubbles?!  It was absolutely gorgeous outside today, so we mixed up our own bubble solution and had fun blowing bubbles outside.  Some of the neighbor kids even came over to get in on the action.  While we were playing outside, we talked about how Bb is for Bike and Ball.  

Bubble Solution:  1 part liquid dishwashing soap, 1 part corn syrup, 9 parts water. 
Making our own bubbles.
Bb is for Bubbles.
When we came back inside, I taught Evan how to make bubbles with a straw.  At first, he just kept drinking it, but then he realized how to blow into the straw!  We talked about how water isn't sticky like bubble solution, so the bubbles pop right away.  I showed him that milk is stickier than water.  He quickly learned that milk bubbles stay at the top of the glass for awhile.  He loved blowing water and milk bubbles.  He would blow a bunch of bubbles and then stick his whole hand in the cup to pop them all so that he could blow some more. 

Blowing water and milk bubbles.
Popping the milk bubbles so that he could blow some more!

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