Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cc is for Caboose

Our Cc word for today was Caboose, so first thing this morning, we took the boys to the Ozark Park where they have an old caboose on display.  Evan had no idea what a caboose was, and on the way there we had a conversation like this:

Evan:  Can I feed the caboose?
Mom:  No honey, you can't feed the caboose.  A caboose is part of a train.
Evan:  Does it have eyes?
Mom:  No honey, it doesn't have eyes.
Evan:  Can I ride on it?
Mom:  Well, you can climb on it and pretend you are riding on it, but it isn't going to move.
Evan:  Can it hop?
Mom:  No honey, it doesn't hop.  It isn't going to move at all.  It isn't a ride like at Silver Dollar City.  It is just an old train that sits there.
Evan:  Oh.
(We arrive.)
Evan:  Look Mommy!  A train!
Mom:  Yes sweetie!  That's the caboose!  It's the last car of a train.
Evan:  Let's go ride on it!!!

There's nothing like the joy of learning!  The boys thought it was really neat and enjoyed climbing up on it.  We were all impressed at how big it was.  They don't seem that big when you see them rush by on the tracks.  I always loved waiting to see the caboose at the end of a train.  Too bad they don't use them anymore.  If they do, I sure haven't seen one for a really long time.  To see more pictures from our visit to the Caboose, go to:

Evan climbing on the Caboose.

Evan admiring the Caboose.
When we got home, we read "The Caboose Who Got Loose" by Bill Peet.  He loved this story.  He also noticed right away that my Counting Train above the whiteboard has a caboose.  He was really excited about this.  He painted a picture of a caboose to go in his Cc Lapbook.

Painting his caboose red.
It was a gorgeous day, so we spent quite a bit of time outside.  We got out the sidewalk chalk and I made a large Cc on the driveway.  We skipped around the Cc shapes while shouting Cc words.  Then we reviewed the Cc words we have talked about so far.

Notice Evan's hands under the Cc words.
We have also been reading, "The Carrot Seed" by Ruth Krauss, so we decided to go feed Rocky some carrots.  The boys love to go feed Rocky and I think Rocky loves to see us coming.  While Evan ran through the pasture, he screamed, "Rocky, I have some carrots.  Come eat!"  Didn't take long before Rocky was running over to see us. 

Evan feeding Rocky a carrot.

Alan feeding Rocky a carrot.
We started to learn about the Number 2 today.  Since Evan had made a #1 train, I figured he might as well make a #2 train also.  He even got to put a caboose on it! 

Cutting the paper to make a background for his #2 Train.

Gluing on the train pieces.
Coloring the train (with Alan's help!).
Decorating his train with #2 Edward stickers.

#1 Thomas train and #2 Edward train.

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  1. I'm still not convinced which of you are having the most fun in this venture - you or Evan (or maybe Alan?)
    Love the field trips!!!