Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bb is for Beaver

Today when Evan went to change the Day magnets, he started to say the days of the week all by himself.  He said, "Wednesday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Wednesday, Saturday."  I was pretty impressed!  And then without even being asked, he quoted Genesis 2:19 - And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was it's name.  I was so proud of him! 

Today is Thursday.
We continued to learn about the letter Bb today.  I remembered that we had the "Berenstain's B book" so I got it out and we read it together. 

Alan reading the B book.
Evan had been carrying the "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" characters around all morning and had been begging to read that book, so we read through it several times and put on puppet shows with the characters.  The first time we read through it, Evan would pick up each character and act it out.  When we got to 'Black Sheep, Black Sheep, What do you see?', he immediately starting singing, "Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool?"  He sang the whole song by himself!

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have you any wool?
We worked more on the Bb Lapbook.  There is a spin wheel that reveals words that begin with Bb.  He loves to turn the wheel around and around and say the Bb words - bear, balloons, bird, and box.  (Notice in the picture that he still loves to wear his 'crown' that we made in the first week of school!) 

What Begins with B?
Today, we learned that Bb is for Beaver.  Last night when we went to the library, we checked out several books about beavers so we read through those.  Evan painted a picture of a beaver to go in his Bb lapbook.  Then he painted the template to make a Beaver puppet.  The template for the beaver puppet was a bunch of different sized circles.  So when we were putting it together, we had a nice review of size classification that we had talked about yesterday.  After we finished putting the puppet together, Evan looked out the back window and saw a groundhog in our neighbor's yard.  He got so excited and said, "Oh Mommy, look!  There is beaver in Leretta's yard!"  He told me to get my camera so that we could have a picture of it!  I told him that it kind of looked like a beaver (and it really did!), but that it was another animal called a groundhog. 

Bb is for Beaver.
Evan painting the Beaver puppet.
Putting together the pieces for the Beaver puppet.
Evan excited to have another puppet!
"Look Mommy, it's a beaver!"
Since Evan had another puppet now, he wanted to put on puppet shows.  So we got out all of our puppets, including the Jesse Bear puppets, and put on show after show. 

Evan putting on a puppet show with Bobby B and Jesse Bear.
Then we read "Jesse Bear, What will you wear?" and worked more on that lapbook.  In this lapbook, we have a stack of rhyming words from the story.  So we read it again, and Evan found all the words and matched them together. 

Matching the rhyming words from the story.
In the story, Jesse Bear eats a healthy lunch.  I took the opportunity to talk about how we should eat healthy foods.  I had checked out a couple books from the library on why we should eat healthy foods, and we read them together.  For some reason, Evan wasn't as interested in these books!  I had an empty plate in the lapbook, and Evan glued on pictures of all the foods that Jesse Bear ate.  When he saw the picture of bean sprouts, he said, "We don't eat grass!" and he didn't want to paste that picture on.  I showed him the picture in the book where Jesse Bear was eating the sprouts with his celery.  I guess he decided it was okay, because he went ahead and glued it on too.  

Jesse Bear's Healthy Lunch.
Evan painted several more pictures that will go in the Jesse Bear Lapbook.  I read today that it is National Teddy Bear day (who comes up with these things?!).  I guess we will support this holiday tonight by putting on puppet shows for all of our teddy bears!  Should be fun times!

Painting little bears for his Jesse Bear Lapbook.

Painting the cover for the Jesse Bear Lapbook.

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