Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cc is for Cat and Carrot

We continued learning about the Letter Cc today.  Evan and I took turns writing the Letter Cc on the Cc card.  He likes to make a 'swoosh' sound as he makes his Cc.  We read our little Mini Book on the Letter Cc and I introduced him to Cathy C.  He was so excited to get another Alphabuddy.  As soon as he saw the pieces, he asked if we could put it together and put a stick on it!  Of course, after we put Cathy together, we had to get out Angie A and Bobby B and put on puppet shows with all of them.

Putting together Cathy C.
Excited to have another Alphabuddy!
Putting on a puppet show with Angie A, Bobby B and Cathy C.
Since we were already doing puppet shows, he wanted to go ahead and get out his caterpillar and butterfly from yesterday.   We acted out "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" with his puppets and all the pieces.

Today, our cat got a haircut.  It worked out perfectly that we were talking about Cc is for Cat, because the boys got to see a cat at PetSmart.  Coincidentally, the cat they saw was named Checkers.  So we were able to talk about another sound that the Letter Cc can make.  Checkers was only about 4-5 months old, so he was quite a bit smaller than our cat, Tigris.  After we got Tigris home, Evan kept saying, "We have a little cat, like Checkers.  She is so soft.  She looks pretty!"  She really does look little with her hair all shaved off.  And she is super soft!  Evan wouldn't stop touching her. 

"We have a little cat."
Since Cc is for Cat, we read several cat books and I let the boys watch part of "Aristocats" during one of their snacks.  Evan's favorite cat book that we read today was "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss.  He was able to point out the word "Cat" from the title.

We also started our next B4FIAR book today.  To complement our study of the Letter Cc, we are reading "The Carrot Seed" by Ruth Krauss.  I didn't know how Evan would do with this book since it is so much different than the others we have read so far.  But he really seemed to enjoy its simplicity and 2-D, orange and brown, cartoon like illustrations.  We read it a couple of times and then did a couple activities from "The Carrot Seed" Lapbook.  One of the activities we did was on size classification (small, medium, and large).  I would ask him which carrot was the largest/smallest/etc. and he would pick it out.  We then glued them into the trifold booklet to put in his lapbook.

Here's the largest carrot!
While we were at Story hour at the library this morning, I checked out several books to go along with our study of the Letter Cc.  Knowing that we were going to start "The Carrot Seed" today, I checked out "Linnea's Windowsill Garden" by Christina Bjork.  I thought we might see which seeds/plants we could try to grow while we read this book.  I found where you could cut off the top of a carrot and plant it in a pot.  It says that after a couple weeks, you should have a little carrot 'bush.'  I thought this would be perfect seeming as though we are reading "The Carrot Seed."  We don't have 21 days for a real carrot seed to germinate so this will work great!  We got a little bucket and filled it with dirt from our garden.  Evan thought he would just try to shove the whole carrot into the dirt.

Trying to bury his carrot.
After I cut the top off, he dug a hole for the carrot to go in and then tried to eat the top.

Digging a hole for his carrot.
Taking a bite out of the carrot.
Then he watered his carrot, just like the little boy in the story. 

Whoa, Evan.  That's enough!
He decorated some paper to put on his pot.  He was so proud of his carrot.  All throughout the day, he would peek into the pot and say, "My carrot is growing."  It provided a good lesson on patience.  We will keep watching it over the next couple of weeks and document its growth in a chart for his lapbook. 

He wanted to use all the colors at the same time, and thought it was hilarious!
"My carrot is growing."

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