Monday, September 20, 2010

Cc is for Caterpillar

Today we started learning the Letter Cc.  We sang the ABC's a couple times and Evan pointed to all the letters on the wall as we sang.  We did a quick review of Aa and Bb and he traced them with his finger.  I asked him where Cc was and he pointed right to it.  Evan learned how to write a Cc and practiced on his Cc card.

Learning to write the Letter Cc.
Today, we focused on Cc is for Caterpillar.  I got out some little pom poms and Evan made his very own caterpillar.  He was particularly fond of the little googly eyes!

Evan making a caterpillar.
Then we used the Butterfly that he had made during our Bb study and we made it match his caterpillar.

Making a matching butterfly.
He still doesn't understand that it takes glue a little while to dry and the pom poms kept falling off.  I don't know how many times we had to glue those things back on!  He just loved them so much that he didn't want to put them down.  To go along with our caterpillar theme for the day, we read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle.  He has always enjoyed this book, so it was able to keep his attention off his own caterpillar and butterfly so they could dry.  After we read the book, we 'played' The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game.

Playing the Game.
This was the first time that he had played it.  The playing pieces are little caterpillar baskets that you put the food in as the caterpillar eats it.  This wasn't good enough for Evan.  He wanted his caterpillar to eat the pieces.  He spent most of the time having his caterpillar "Munch, munch, munch" on the little food pieces.

Caterpillar munching on 3 plums.
When we were done playing the game, he wanted to put on puppet shows with his caterpillar and butterfly.  We sang the "Fuzzy Caterpillar" song over and over and he would act it out.  The song goes:  "Fuzzy caterpillar climbing up a tree.  He wiggled long, he wiggled short, he wiggled right at me.  I put him in a little box.  Don't go away, I said.  And when I opened up the box, a butterfly instead.  I could never make one, even if I tried, for only God in Heaven, can make a butterfly."

Puppet show with his Caterpillar.
Singing the 'Fuzzy Caterpillar' song.
Evan carried his caterpillar and butterfly everywhere the rest of the day.  We even went grocery shopping and he insisted that they come with him!  Adam and I just smiled at each other as we listened to him sing the 'Fuzzy Caterpillar' song over and over in the car.  Such a precious little voice!

When we got home from shopping, he played outside for awhile.  I had little pictures to match the book for him to paint so that we could act out the whole story.  It was beautiful outside and he was playing with some neighbor kids so I went out and asked if they like to paint.  They got really excited and wanted to help.  This worked out great since there were so many pieces and it would have taken Evan forever to paint them all himself.  Plus, he thought it was really cool to be able to paint outside with his friends.  We ended up having a painting party on our porch!
Painting with some neighbor kids.
Painting Party at the Orr House!
They all had so much fun and kept painting until their parents came and got them for dinner!  When we went back inside, Evan painted a picture of a caterpillar to go on the cover of his Cc Lapbook.  He also painted some little sequencing cards to go along with his story.

Painting a caterpillar picture.  He made the colors match his caterpillar!
After dinner, we enjoyed putting on puppet shows using all the pieces from our Painting Party.  All of the food pieces have a big hole cut out in the middle.  The boys would just laugh and laugh as we would push the caterpillar through as he ate and ate and ate. 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Puppet Show - starring, Daddy!

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