Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rescue 911

Today was all about safety.  We talked about how God is ever present, and always there for us.  He is always there, just like our police officers and fire fighters are always there.  We talked about emergencies and what we should do if we are ever in one.  We talked about 911 and practiced making 911 calls on Evan's toy phone.
Hello.  This is 911.  What is your emergency?
I checked out several books from the library on emergency vehicles and first responders.  Evan was particularly excited about the big ladders on the fire trucks.  I surprised him with a new red fire fighter's hat, and told him that we were going to go on a field trip to to the fire station.

Super excited about his new red fireman's hat.
He finished coloring his 911 phone, cut it out, glued it onto pink construction paper (he wanted pink!), and then decorated it with policeman stickers.

Evan cutting out the phone.
Pleased with his work!
Alan got a new yellow fire fighter's hat also.  Now we were ready to go on our field trip!  When we got to the fire station, we were greeted by the fire chief, Darren White.  He was so friendly and took us on a tour.  Before we started the tour, he told the boys that he better make it official, and he gave them both a badge to wear!  He introduced us to the fire marshall and then showed us all the fire trucks and took us all around the station.  He let the boys get up in the fire trucks which made Evan's day.  He talked about driving the fire truck the rest of the day!  What a great field trip!  To see more pictures of our field trip to the fire station, visit: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=25608&id=1707958162&l=b02c1c652e

Little Fire Chiefs
Driving the fire truck!
We continued learning about the letter Aa today.  Evan did some more work in his Aa Lapbook.  To go along with the safety/rescue theme for the day, we learned that Aa is for Ambulance.  He got to paint a picture of an ambulance which lead into him wanting to paint a picture of a fire truck.

Writing time
Aa is for Ambulance.
Evan painting a fire truck.
The Daddy Duck of our Rubber Duck Family is a fire fighter.  We put on several plays with the duck family.

Chief Ducky
Evan had his first attempt at solving a maze today on one of his Aa worksheets.  He didn't quite understand, so we made a maze out of blocks on the floor.  This, of course, turned into making train tracks - it always does!
You want me to do what?
Floor mazes with trains are much more fun!
Train tracks are even better!
The boys had such a fun day.  They continued to play with their fire trucks all evening long. 
Alan playing with fire trucks.
Evan riding his fire truck.



  1. Oh my what a day you had!!! They won't soon forget the trip to the fire station. How cute in their very own fire hats. Love ya!

  2. I'm guessing (just GUESSING!!!!!) that Dad had as much fun as the boys. Am I right?