Friday, August 27, 2010

Down Goes Your Line, When You Make a 1!

Today we did some catch up and wrap up with the Letter Aa, Play With Me, and the Number 1.  We practiced writing Aa on the laminated Aa card, and in the cornmeal/rice mixture.  Then we made the letter Aa out of craft sticks.  Evan made the Big A, and then looked at me with a confused look on his face.  I asked him what was wrong, and and he said, "I can't."  I asked him what he couldn't do, and he said, "You make a little a, I can't."  So I proceeded to make a little a.  He looked at it and then looked at me.  He said, "Mommy, that's a square and a line, not a circle and a line."  I guess he told me!  I just had to laugh and say, "You're right honey!" 
Making Stick Letters.
Then we finished up some things for the Aa Lapbook.  (See older posts for pictures of the completed Lapbook).
Painting the "Aa is for Ant" picture.
Who doesn't like glitter glue and feathers?!
We also continued to talk about the #1.  Evan practiced writing 1's in the cornmeal/rice mixture.  We turned the Number 1 rhyme into a song, and danced around the room as 1's.  The rhyme goes: "Down goes your line, when you make a 1.  It's easy and lots of fun.  Just be sure your line is as straight as it can be.  Ones like to stand up tall like a tree."  Then Evan made a #1 Train.  Alan wanted to get in on this action, and helped Evan color the train.  After they colored it, Evan decorated it with some Thomas stickers.  In his world, Thomas makes everything better!  When he was done, he insisted that we hang it up by the Number Train above our white board.

Coloring the #1 Train.
Proud of his #1 Thomas Train!
Evan's train on display.
We played a game of "I Spy" with magnetic numbers and letters.  I used A, B, and C, and 1, 2 and 3.  I would "I Spy" a big or little A and the #1 of a certain color and they would find it.  Alan just likes playing with the pieces and putting them on and off the cookie sheet. 
Alan having fun playing "I Spy".
To go along with the #1, we read the Bible story of the Lost Coin from Luke 15:8-10.  Evan loves to get pennies, so he got 9 new pennies to put into his Tiger bank.  After he put the 9 coins in, he tried to take the "Lost Coin" off his picture too. 
Putting his 'non-lost' coins in his Tiger bank.
Evan put some finishing touches on his "Play With Me" Lapbook.  (To see pictures of this completed Lapbook, see older posts.)  We read the story and he acted it out with the stick puppets.  This Lapbook was about Aa is for Animals.  So this evening, we took the boys on a field trip to the pet store to see all the animals.  This was a huge hit!  Alan just ran up and down the aisles squealing!  Nothing like fun, free, Friday night entertainment!

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