Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aa is for Buzz Lightyear!

Our nephew, Gavin, came over to play today.  The boys had so much fun together.  In between all the playing, we were actually able to get in a little bit of school.  Evan kept telling Gavin, "Come on, let's go play school!"  Evan was so excited to have Gavin here and wanted to show and teach him everything we have been doing.  So we did our normal start routine - change the day magnets and say the Pledge of Allegiance.  Evan wanted Gavin to hold the flag today.
I Pledge Allegiance...
Both boys took turns writing 'Aa' and then we looked through the Aa Lapbook.  We got out all the 'Aa' Puppets and the boys put on plays for each other.  It was so cute to listen to them.  You have to love the imagination of 3 year old boys and how they change their voices for their pretend characters.  It was fun to observe!
Gavin putting on a puppet show for Evan.
Today we learned that Aa is for Astronaut.  There is a flip chart of Aa words in Evan's Aa Lapbook.  These are the words we have been going through and learning about each day.  As we go through this little chart, I will say, "Aa is for..." and Evan will respond, "Apple," or whatever the picture is.  Whenever I get to the astronaut, I say, "Aa is for..." and Evan always says, "Buzz Lightyear!"  So he was pretty excited that we were going to learn about astronauts today!  We looked through several books about astronauts that I had checked out from the library.  Then we worked on our craft.  The boys made astronauts and space shuttles to orbit the Earth.  We pasted pictures of their faces onto the astronauts.
Coloring coffee filters to make the Earth.
Squirting water on the coffee filter to make the colors bleed together.
Painting astronauts and space shuttles.
Look Mommy, I'm floating!
Then we turned our living room into the moon.  They played in their space shuttle and moon walked while wearing their space helmets.  They LOVED this!  I think Alan just got a kick out of watching them run all over and bounce off the trampoline onto the couch cushions.  When Alan would try to get into their space shuttle, they would scream, "AHHHHH, the monster is coming - RUN!!!"  Gotta love them!
My little astronauts.  To infinity...
...and Beyond!!!
Moon Walking
Quick!  Back to the space shuttle!
We had a really fun day!  Tonight before Evan went to bed, he asked if Gavin could come play school with us again.  It just thrills me to no end that Evan loves school as much as he does.  What a joy it is to share these experiences/memories with these sweet boys!

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  1. Only later as they look back on these "adventures", will they realize just how blessed they are to have had the opportunity to learn in such an environment. What a marvelous and rewarding "job" you have as their teacher-Mom.