Monday, August 23, 2010

Aa is for Adam

Monday is my cleaning day and laundry day.  Evan kept begging me to go play school and when I finally got into the schoolroom, I caught him putting dinosaur stamps all over his body, even on his face!  He was pretty proud of his dinosaur stamps and couldn't wait for Alan to wake up from his nap so that he could show him.  He even went and showed Tigris (our cat)!

How many stamps can I get before Mom catches me?!
He was thrilled that it was time to play school and ran over to the board to change the 'day' magnets himself. 

Today is Monday.
Today, we continued to learn about the letter Aa.  We talked about how Adam and Alan have both a Big A and a little a.  This lead perfectly into a comparison of our Heavenly Father and our earthly father.  We talked again about how God loves us so much and made the whole world and everything in it for us.  He always looks after us and blesses us with so many things.  Daddy loves us so much too.  He is big and strong and protects us and keeps us safe.  He works all day for us so that he can provide nice things for us to have.  We sang the 'Daddy' song several times.  Evan loves this song and sings it all the time.  It is to the tune of 'Twinkle twinkle little star' and goes like this:  'Daddy, Daddy, we love you.  And we know you love us too.  You are very big and strong.  You work for us all day long.  Daddy, Daddy, we love you.  And we know you love us too.'  Then we played dress up and acted like Daddy.  He really enjoyed this.  He made me wear a tie too!

Evan admiring himself in the mirror.
Like father, like son!
Since we were already talking about the name Adam, we started talking about Adam and Eve.  We reviewed the Days of Creation and talked about how Adam was made on the same day as the land animals.  We then talked about how Adam's job was to name all of the animals.  I had Adam and Eve puppets left over from a Bible Class I taught several years ago.  He enjoyed playing with those.  We used the animal stick puppets from "Play With Me" to act out Adam naming all the animals.  We started to learn our new memory verse - Genesis 2:19b says, And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name. 

Playing with Adam and Eve.
We read "Play With Me" and acted it out with the animal puppets.  Throughout the story, we talked about how Adam named all of those animals and repeated our verse after each one was introduced.  Since Aa is also for animals, Evan added a bunch of animal stickers to his 'Play With Me Lapbook'.

Aa is for animals.
Since we had talked about Adam being the first man that God created, this flowed nicely into learning about the number 1.  Evan practiced writing the number 1 and did a worksheet.

Making number 1's in a cornmeal/rice mixture.
Cutting out the number 1's to glue onto his worksheet.
Proud of his completed worksheet - cut and glued all by himself!
The shape of the week is triangles.  I cut some sponges into triangle shapes and let Evan paint triangles on some paper.  I told him that we were going to make it into a crown for him to wear.  When he finished painting his crown, he had fun playing in the paint.  What 3 year old boy doesn't love to finger paint?!

Painting triangles on his crown.
"Mommy, look!"
After his crown dried, we had a parade in the living room.  Whoever had the crown on got to be the leader.  We all took turns being #1 in the parade.  We marched with maracas (that Uncle Michael brought back from the Dominican Republic!) and the flag.  The boys had a blast!  Evan kept saying that he was the king.

"Marching, marching, number 1"
I used some of the extra paper to make Alan his own crown too!


  1. We are amazed, yet not surprised, how ALL of you are enjoying this!! What a great testimony and education this is for both Evan and Alan.
    (Makes a parent and grandparent proud!!)

  2. I love Evan's smiles, he is surely a handful, I don't know how you possibly keep up. He definitely makes me smile!!! Sure do love him and you too.