Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let's Play School!

I guess Evan had fun yesterday because the first thing he said this morning when he woke up was, "Mommy, let's go play school!"  How exciting!  I loved to hear that!  Today we continued to learn about the letter Aa.  We practiced writing it and reviewed our Aa word from yesterday - alligator.

Evan admiring his penmenship!

Aa is for Alligator
We then started working on our Aa Lapbook.  I taught Evan the 'Alligator Pie' rhyme and he colored the alligator that was on it.  Then he practiced writing Aa some more.  He enjoyed using his alligator puppet to act out the rhyme and use different voices for each verse (alligator pie, alligator stew, and alligator soup).
Alligator pie, alligator pie, if I don't get some I think I'm gonna die!
I have found so many wonderful resources online with templates for everything you can imagine.  I remember when I was learning the alphabet in kindergarten, we had huge inflatable characters for each letter.  I loved those things!  I found a site with 'AlphaBuddies' and they reminded of those characters.  I used a template to make a mini book called 'What begins with A?'  I also had the pieces for 'Angie A' ready to go.  Evan enjoyed reading the simple rhyming book and after a few times, he could practically recite it himself.  We put together 'Angie A' and the 'Amazing Apple'.  I made the 'Amazing Apple' black and white so that he could paint the pieces.  Then we made them into stick puppets. 

Putting together the 'Angie A' pieces.

Putting together the 'Amazing Apple' pieces.

Painting the 'Amazing Apple.'

Proud of 'Angie A' and the 'Amazing Apple.'

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