Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aa is for Apple

We did a lot of fun apple activities today as we continued to learn the letter Aa.  Did you know that the core of an apple makes a perfect star when you cut it in half?!  I guess I just always cut an apple from top to bottom, but today I cut it in half so that we could make apple stamps.  It was very cool!  Evan enjoyed using the apple to make a stamp on a cut out that is going to go in his Aa lapbook.

Apple Stamp
While we waited for the paint to dry, we played an apple barrel game. I had made a 'Big A' barrel and a 'little a' barrel.  He had to match the apple cards to the appropriate barrel. 

Apple Barrels
I had checked out a couple books from the library on apples and we enjoyed reading those.  He really enjoyed a book called, "A visit to the Apple Orchard" by Patricia Murphy.  There is an apple orchard in Marionville, a small town about 40 minutes from here that we are going to go to this fall.  I think they will really enjoy it.  I remember going to apple orchards all the time as a kid.  Mom would get tons of apples and make the best applesauce!  I can't wait for her to pass her equipment on to me so that we can start making it too!  Then I went and got one of our books called, "Ten Apples Up On Top!" by Dr. Seuss.  He LOVED this book, and afterwards wanted to put apples on his head too!

One apple up on top!

Two apples up on top!
Good thing I only had 2 apples left or things might have got interesting around here!

When Daddy got home, we went outside and picked some apples.  By this time, Alan had heard us talking about apples so much that he was trying to say it!  It sounded more like, "bopple," but I knew what he was saying!  And he was so proud of himself!  We filled a small bucket with apples and went to go feed Rocky.

Alan picking apples.

Evan picking apples.

Alan feeding Rocky.

Evan feeding Rocky.

I figured I might as well feed Rocky too!
What a fun day we had learning more about the letter Aa.  I think tomorrow we might go on an acorn hunt!

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