Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aa is for Ant and Airplane

Today's Bible Story was when Jesus was telling his friends about His wonderful home in Heaven.  We talked about how God was making a beautiful home for us there too.  Evan got to paint a picture of what Heaven might look like and we talked about how wonderful it was going to be!  After his painting dried, he glued 'clouds' on his picture.

How beautiful Heaven must be!
Gluing clouds on the Heaven picture.
We also reviewed our last Bible Story about how God created the world and Evan painted a picture of some of God's creation.  When it was dry, he cut out the pictures and glued them onto construction paper.

Painting God's creation.
God created everything!
Until we get to go live in Heaven with God someday, we have a nice home here where we get to live.  We talked about where we live and what our address is.  To help learn our address, we made bandaid puppets and put on plays with our fingers!  Evan loved this and wore his puppets through most of the afternoon.

Bandaid Puppets!
We continued with our study of the letter Aa.  He practiced writing it and we did some more work in his Aa Lapbook.  Today we focused on Aa is for Ant.  We read some Ant books that I had checked out from the library.  He kept saying, "Ewwwww, Gross...Can I touch it?!"  Then we went outside and looked for ants.  He wasn't satisfied with the little ants.  He kept saying that he wanted to find the big ants.  We found some 'big ants' on the fence and he watched them for awhile.  Then I poured a bunch of water into the flower bed and stirred up a whole colony of ants.  He really enjoyed watching them scurry all around.  He found an apple in the backyard that had fallen off the tree.  He didn't realize that it had ants all over it until he picked it up.  He screamed and threw it down!  We watched the ants eat the apple for awhile. 
Admiring 'big ants' on the fence.
Ant colony exposed.
Ants eating an apple
Evan got a package in the mail today from Papa and Grandma Detwiler.  He couldn't wait to tear into it to find out what it was.  He got an airplane!  Couldn't have come at a better time, because the word airplane was next on our list of Aa words.  He enjoyed this airplane WAY more than the paper airplane I had made for him!  At first, he didn't know how to throw it to make it fly, so he just ran around the yard with it.  Then Daddy showed him how it was done!  Once he knew how to throw it, he didn't want to go back inside!  Thank-you Papa and Grandma for the airplane!  Great fun!  He LOVES it!

Evan opening his mail from Papa and Grandma Detwiler
Aa is for Airplane!
Look, Mommy!  I'm flying an airplane!
Hold it like this...

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