Friday, October 8, 2010


Today we did several triangle activities.  We got out Timmy the Triangle and reviewed the Timmy rhyme.  "I'm a triangle.  Timmy's my name.  I have 3 sides.  I play a little game.  I pretend to stand upon my head.  I lay on my side.  I lay on my bed.  Some people don't see the difference in me.  They just see 3 sides, 1-2-3."  I had 3 pages of different sized triangles, and Evan traced them all.  He wanted to use blue (like Thomas), then green (like Percy), and red (like James)!  He has always loved trains, but this week, we have played trains a TON.  He is constantly asking, "Mommy, you want to come play trains with me?"  We build track after track and he asks for hills, and bridges, and tunnels.  Then we push the trains around and around.  Alan is really getting into them too.  It must just be a little boy thing.  My brother always wanted to play and talk about trains too!  Notice in the picture that Evan has some of his trains 'watching' him play school!

Tracing triangles.
When he was done tracing them all, he cut them all out.  I helped him with the first page.  He did the second page all by himself.  And by the time he got to the third page, his hand was tired, so I showed him how to tear them out.  It's funny how little ones accidentally tear pages all the time, but when they are trying to do it on purpose, you have to show them how.  Evan kept holding on to the paper and just pulling it tight thinking that would rip it.  It took him a second to figure it out, and then he liked tearing it and was pretty proud of himself!  After all the triangles were cut/tore out, he glued them onto a piece of pink construction paper - yes, pink was his color of choice!  He was really proud of his triangle picture and we hung it on the bulletin board.

Gluing the triangles.

Evan's completed triangle project.
Evan did a triangle worksheet where the triangles were hats.  He colored them, cut them out and glued them in place all by himself.  It's priceless to see him beam with satisfaction upon completing a project all by himself!

Coloring the children on his triangle worksheet.

Cutting out the triangle hats.

Proud of his Triangle worksheet!
Evan played with his crocodile and alligator puppet quite a bit today and watched the Crocodile video again.  He really enjoys it!  While Alan was sleeping, Evan and I played Hide and Go Seek.  He is so funny when we play.  He just starts laughing and says, "Mommy, I'm right here!"  When it's my turn to hide, he screams, "Mommy, where are you?"  He goes room to room saying, "Mommy, are you in here?"  He has a blast and that makes it fun!

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