Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cc is for Castle

Today we learned that Cc is for Castle.  Evan had no idea what a castle was, but when I asked him if he wanted to build a castle, he sure was excited.  We read "The Castle Book" by Michael Berenstain and then he really wanted to build a castle!  I had all the pieces cut out already so all he had to do was paint them. 

Painting the Castle Walls.
While we waited for all the pieces to dry, I got out several books about the Castles I had visited when I had studied abroad.  He thought it was really neat looking at all these castles, and even cooler that I had been there.  He would say, "Did I go too?"  No honey, just Mommy went there.  "Did Daddy go, and Alan go to the castle?"  No honey, Mommy went by herself.  "Oh, did I stay home with Daddy?"  I also showed him the Castle pictures that I had taken and the ones that are hanging in our living room.  He thought these were really neat. 

Once the walls were dry, we put the castle together.  We did the castle turrets first.  He loves to play with tubes and always blows into them and makes trumpet noises.  These were no exception.  He kept trying to hold them all together at the same time to blow into them.

"Do Do Do Doooooo"
He couldn't wait to get it all together.  He was so proud of it!  I told him it looked like a rainbow castle!

Evan is King of his Castle!
His little army men fit perfectly in his castle and he played and played with them.  He would hang the ones with machine guns over the ledges of the walls.  Hmmmm, not very realistic, but oh well!  He kept flying the airplane and helicopter over the castle too!  Lots of the castle pictures that we had looked at had flags on the top of them, so he wanted a flag in his too.  When Alan woke up from his nap, he thought this was very cool and wanted in on the action!

"Mommy, let's play castle!"
Alan putting army men into the castle.
Evan has already found lots of uses for his castle.  His trains even took a nap in it this afternoon!  It is so fun to watch their imaginations take form!  I think we will be playing with this one for quite some time!  Daddy brought home some crowns this evening so we may have to do Cc is for Crown next and then Evan will really be the King of his Castle!

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