Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cc is for Carpet...The Red Carpet

Today we started another B4FIAR book - "The Red Carpet" by Rex Parkin.  Evan just loved this book and was literally on the edge of his seat waiting to see where this runaway red carpet was going to end up.  It is a really cute story about a Hotel that received word that the Duke was coming to visit.  The doorman rolled out a red carpet to have a special welcome for him.  The red carpet took off and covered all the roads in the town and went all the way through the country until it went off the dock just as the ferry was arriving with the Duke.  Policemen on motorcycles had been chasing the carpet trying to stop it.  The Duke was so excited and thought the police were there to escort him all the way back to the Hotel on the red carpet.  It's a really cute story with neat pictures.  We went back through the story a few times and looked closer at the pictures and found lots of things Evan didn't see the first time through.  Since it is an older story, there were lots of 'older' things in the pictures.  One of the things I pointed out was that the stoplights only had a red and a green light.  We talked about stoplights and what they look like today.  I had a stoplight in his Red Carpet Lapbook and he put red, yellow, and green stickers on it.  I taught him the rhyme that I learned in Kindergarten - "Red on top.  Green below.  Red means stop.  Green means go.  Yellow means wait, even if you're late."

Red on top.  Green below.
Since the story had a lot of police officers in it, we talked about different things that police officers do.  Evan put police stickers in a little flip book in his Red Carpet Lapbook.  We had used the same type of stickers when he was learning about 9-1-1.  He remembered them and wanted to look at his 9-1-1 picture that he made.  He doesn't forget anything! 

Putting police stickers in his Lapbook.
There is a section of his Lapbook that talks about different things that are red.  One of them is strawberries.  So he got to have a bowl of strawberries for a snack.  YUM!

Ummmmm, red strawberries!
Since Evan's favorite part of the story was watching the red carpet roll all over the town, I used red masking tape and made 'red carpet' all over the floor.  We played on this for hours!  First he rode a truck all over the red carpet roads.  Then we had to get out all of his cars and drive them all over the roads.  Then he only wanted to play with his red cars.  So we drove the red cars all over the road.  Then he wanted to walk and follow the red carpet road.  We took turns being the leader.  We had to be very careful not to fall off the road or the alligators and crocodiles would eat us (which they did several times)!  Then he wanted to crawl all over the roads, which turned into him riding on my back while I crawled all over the roads.  Whew!  Daddy got home just in time because I was getting pretty tired!  He took over and gave the boys rides all over the roads.  The alligators and crocodiles ate them a few times too!

Evan riding a truck on the red carpet road.

Lining up red cars on the road.


Daddy giving Evan rides on the road.  Alan is being eaten by alligators!

Daddy giving both boys a ride.  Hold on Evan!
We all had a lot of fun learning about how Cc is for Carpet...The Red Carpet.  I wonder how long I'm going to have to leave the red tape all over my floor?!

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