Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cc is for Costume

We have had so much going on the past week or so that we didn't get much 'formal' school in.  That's another great thing about Homeschooling though - if you need to take the week off, you just take the week off!  We slowly jumped back into playing school today.  This morning was the Fall Festival at Storyhour.  All the kids got to wear costumes.  Evan was so excited about being Bob the Builder.  He's been talking about it for days!  All the kids went on a little parade around the library and all the library workers gave them candy.  I think Evan now prefers candy instead of tools in his toolbox!  They read a couple stories and then got to run around.  It was a fun little party.  It worked perfectly into our school schedule so that we could do Cc is for Costume. 

Cc is for Costume - Bob the Builder

We finished learning about the Letter Cc today.  Evan has got it down.  He is really good at writing the Letter Cc too.

Writing the Letter Cc.

One of the games in Evan's Cc Lapbook is 'Counting C's'.  We hadn't played this game for awhile so we got it out and he matched up all the pictures (crocodile, cats, cows, camels, and cobras) and then practiced counting them.  Then he matched up number cards with the appropriate pictures.

Counting C's.

The last B4FIAR book that we read was "The Carrot Seed" by Ruth Krauss.  We had planted a carrot and have been watching it grow this whole time.  Just in the last week, it has really taken off.  Evan looks at it no less than 10 times a day.  He gets so excited to see it and is always saying, "My carrot is huge!"  We normally keep it in the kitchen, but I let him bring it in the schoolroom today while we read the story.  Tigris was pretty interested in it too.  I think she just wanted to eat it!
Admiring his "huge" carrot!

I had several worksheets left over that I had not spread out like I should have, so we had to do some catching up today.  We will be moving on to the Letter Dd and the Number 3 soon, so I wanted to get these done before we can move on.  At least Evan loves to do worksheets so he was pretty excited to do several in a row!

After the worksheets, we did some more counting.  This time we used Evan's money.  He keeps all his money in a tiger bank so he went and got it and dumped it all out.  He lined up his pennies from 1 to 10.  Then he put each line of pennies in the appropriate counting stacker cup.  Once he filled up all his cups, he wanted to dump them all into the biggest one.  Then we built towers with the cups.  This of course turned into demolition time as he made the "walls come tumbling down."  He thought this was great fun and built the tower and knocked it over again and again!

Counting out and lining up his pennies.

Filling up the counting stacker cups.
Dumping all the cups into the biggest one.

Building a tower.

"And the walls came tumbling down!"

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