Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cc is for Catching Up

When you don't 'play school' for several days, it sure feels like you are doing a lot of catching up.  That's what we did today.  Evan has really become fascinated by the computer games - he especially likes Rev-Up for Reading and Rev-Up for Arithmetic.  He asks to play them all the time, and he is really good at them.  It is quite impressive!  Alan loves to watch him play.  He's even started to say some of the letters.

Playing Rev-Up for Reading.
I overheard Evan and Alan playing in the schoolroom.  I could hear Evan say, "Ok Alan, it's time to play school.  Today we are going to learn about clocks.  See Alan, here is the Cc."  Once I got in the schoolroom, I found Evan standing on a stool and pointing to the word 'clock' on the board.  He had taken one of the markers and had traced the whole word!  It was awesome!

Evan 'teaching' Alan.
Since he was already at the board, we practiced writing the Number 2 some more.  He is really getting a lot better at it.  It is so cute to watch/hear him write the Number 2.  He recites the 'Little Train' rhyme as he writes and goes really slow so that he can say the whole thing as he makes the 2.  Of course, he then wanted me to draw 2 Percy's on his Number 2.  Then he told me to add another Thomas to my Number 2 so that there would be 2 of them instead of 1!  He's so funny!

Evan's Number 2 with 2 Percy's.
 We practiced counting using the Number Train and then sang, "1-2-3, Jesus Loves Me."  Both the boys love to use the Number puzzle while we sing this so they got it out too.

1-2-3, Jesus Loves Me.  1-2, Jesus Loves You!
Evan worked on a Counting Worksheet and got to cut it out and glue it all by himself.  When he was done, he practiced writing the Number 1 and 2 on the bottom.  Without being prompted, he recited the 'Little Train' rhyme as he made his Number 2.  Then he wanted me to draw trains on it.  He was so proud of it and wanted me to hang it on the wall so he could look at it all day!

Cutting out the Numbers for his worksheet.

Proud of his completed worksheet!

"Draw Percy on it Mommy!"
Today, we finished our study of "The Carrot Seed" by Ruth Krauss.  Evan's carrot pot had a weed growing in it, so just like the little boy in the story, Evan pulled the weed so that his carrot can grow. 

Evan getting ready to pull the weed out of his carrot pot.
Evan put some finishing touches in "The Carrot Seed" Lapbook.  We talked again about how all the pictures in the story are orange and brown.  He painted some other objects that are orange and brown.  To go along with the color orange, I gave him a stick on tattoo of Zoe - an orange Sesame Street character.  He loved it!  He showed it to everyone he saw the rest of the day (including our cat!).

Things that are Orange.

Super excited about his Zoe tattoo!

Things that are Brown.
While we waited for all the paint to dry, we put on crowns and played with the castle again.  Both boys love wearing their crowns!  They just ran all over the house chasing each other and squealing! 

Who's the King of the Castle?!
While we have been reading, "The Carrot Seed," we have been talking about patience.  We worked a lot today on a new memory verse to go along with this - Love is patient and is kind.  1 Corinthians 13:4.  Evan knows that when he learns a new memory verse he gets a sticker to go on his chart.  He wanted a sticker so bad today, but just didn't quite have it down yet.  His mind must have been overstimulated because he kept saying, "Love is patient with liberty and justice for all.  Luke 2:52."  He would get so excited and just look at me like, 'See I said it!'  He'll get it.  His little spongy mind soaks it all in!  He'll probably recite it tomorrow when I'm not even expecting it!

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