Thursday, November 25, 2010


In preparation for Thanksgiving, we have talked about Indians, Pilgrims, and today Turkeys.  Evan knew that we were going to talk about turkeys today and he kept asking if we were going to talk about ducks and roosters too!  We were given a turkey craft kit by a dear friend (thanks Nanny!!!), and Evan just loved it!  It is going to be our centerpiece for tomorrow's feast.  While making the turkey, I taught Evan a little turkey rhyme.  It goes like this:

The turkey is a silly bird, it's head goes bobble, bobble.
And all it knows is just one word - Gobble, gobble, gobble! 

Evan loves glue.  His turkey had so much glue on it, I didn't think it was ever going to dry!

Putting on the body feathers.

Putting on the wing feathers.

Putting on the tail feathers.

He was so excited to see it all coming together!

Evan and his turkey.  He kept pretending to feed it the corn.
 Evan also made a turkey using his handprints.  He kept calling it the baby turkey and wanted it next to the mommy turkey.  He kept being silly and wouldn't hold it upright for me to take a picture (hence the upside turkey!)

Red handprints for the turkey wings.

Silly turkey boy!

Mommy and Baby Turkey as our centerpiece!  He was so proud of his turkeys!

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