Friday, November 12, 2010

The Three Little Pigs

Some of our good friends have a couple of pigs and they had 2 sows that just had babies.  Since we have been reading (and watching) "The Three Little Pigs," we thought we would take the boys over to see them.  Evan was so excited to go to "Mr. David's house to see the pigs!"  We have gone before when he had some baby pigs, but today we got to see 21 babies!  One sow had 10 and the other had 11 piglets.  They were so cute!  The two litters were about a week apart, with the youngest just being born on Wednesday.  I don't think I'd ever seen 2 day old piglets before.  They still had their umbilical cords!  Both the boys thought it was really neat and they wanted to touch them.  So Daddy reached over and grabbed a couple for them to pet.  Boy could those little piglets squeal loud.  It was amazing!  We kept the mamas distracted by feeding them pumpkins.  Evan wanted to go out and see the "Daddy pig" too.  Talk about a huge boar!  It was the biggest and meanest looking pig I've been up close to!  After seeing the "Daddy pig" Evan wanted to pet a "black baby pig", so Adam grabbed one for him to pet.  He was so excited and kept saying, "I got to touch a pink pig and a black pig.  They were so cute and soft!"  Before we left it was feeding time and we watched all the piglets nurse.  It was really cute!  I think Evan will have a new appreciation for "The Three Little Pigs"!

Mama pig and her babies.

They were so cute and cuddly!

Say bacon!  Oh, I mean cheese!

"I got to pet a pink pig!"

Daddy pig.

"I want to pet a black baby pig too."

Time to eat!  Yummy milk!

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  1. What a great experience!! Remember the Biehl's pigs and their nursery operations? Creating memories and educational ones at that. Sorry we missed Evan's phone call. After we saw your post, we could understand his message.
    LOVE YOU EVAN!! LOVE YOU ALAN!! Thanks for making a memory for Papa and Grandma.