Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dd is for Dog

Yesterday we continued our study of the Days of Creation.  We are on Day 1 - God made light.  I had made a number 1 that we covered in tin foil to represent light.  We hung it on the wall.  By the time we are done, we will have 7 numbers up there showing what was made on each day.  We made another memory verse craft today.  I had 2 circles - a black circle and a white circle.  Evan folded each of them in half and then cut them across.  He matched up one black half and one white half to make a circle.  He glued them onto a blue piece of construction paper.  We recited the verse together, Genesis 1:3, and he said it by himself.  

Evan cutting the circles in half.

"Dark and light.  Dark and light.  They're opposites!"

The memory verse craft was great because we have also started to learn about circles.  Evan already knows all of his shapes, but the curriculum we are using, Answers for Preschoolers, spends time on each shape individually.  Evan traced a big circle on a worksheet and I gave him a bunch of little circle stickers to put all over it.  I gave him 3 of each color (since we are also working on the Number 3) and we counted each of them as he put them on.  When he was done, I wrote his name for him on his paper.  As mentioned in an older post, I am trying to teach him to write the first letter of his name, so I have been writing it with dashes and he traces it.  I was pretty impressed with his 'E'.  He didn't want to trace mine this time, he wanted to make his own, and I thought he did a great job!

Putting circle stickers on his circle worksheet.

Evan's E!
We continued learning about the Letter Dd.  The next Dd word in his Lapbook was Dog, so Evan glued a picture of a dog into his book.  He then practiced writing the Letter Dd and then made a Dd on the cover of his Lapbook.  I am really proud of him.  His writing skills have really improved.  He seems to have much more control over his writing utensil now and he is holding it much better too.

Dd is for Dog.

Making a Dd on the cover of his Dd Lapbook.
 Since Dd is for Dog, we started on a new B4FIAR book - "Angus Lost" by Marjorie Flack.  It is a really cute book about a dog, Angus, who gets tired of the same old things and is curious what else is out there.  He runs away to seek new adventures but ends up longing for home.  He meets several new animals that aren't very nice and even scare him and he ends up spending the night in a cave.  He finds the milkman and follows him from door to door until he finds his home again.  He is relieved to be back in his same old house with the same old cat.  Evan loved this book and we read it over and over again.  We spent the rest of the day working on the "Angus Lost" Lapbook. 

Evan loved putting the magnetized Angus in and out of the cave.

Playing a classification game - dogs with short legs and dogs with long legs.

Playing a dog matching game.  Evan won!

Putting the other pets in their appropriate place.
Painting the pictures in the "Dog Breeds" book.

Painting the front of his Dd Lapbook.

What color is Angus?  Black!
Painting all the other little pets.
I had several old National Geographic type books that were all about Dogs and Puppies.  Evan enjoyed looking through those at all the different types of dog.

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