Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dd is for Duck

I think our schedule is finally going to settle down so that we can get back into our normal routine.  Evan was excited to play school again today.  Since we started playing school, we have been talking a lot about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  We have talked about how God is made up of these 3 different 'people', and how all 3 of them were there when they created the world.  Today, we started to talk about how everything was created.  We started with Day 1.  God made light.  We talked about how in the very beginning, everything was dark.  We talked about how powerful God is and that all He had to say was, "Let there be light," and light appeared.  I taught Evan Genesis 1:3.  We will use this as our new memory verse.  Evan can almost say it by himself.  It says, "And God said, Let there be light and there was light."  I took Evan into our bathroom with a flashlight and a lighter.  We sat there in the dark (and he held my hand).  I told him that it was dark, but that in the very beginning, it would have been much darker than even this.  We said Genesis 1:3 over and over and Evan loved "making light" when God said, "Let there be light."  We compared the difference between the light that the flashlight and the lighter made.  Evan discovered that the light from the fire was brighter.  And he enjoyed blowing it out time and time again! 

God said, "Let there be light." (picture using no flash)

God said, "Let there be light." (this time using a flash)
I took the opportunity to explain to Evan that light comes in waves.  I showed Evan how to draw waves and he did a worksheet where he traced a bunch of different kinds of waves.  I told him that light comes from God to us by a lot of squiggly lines.  We call those squiggly lines light waves.  We read a book called, "My Light" by Molly Bang.  In this book, the sun is the narrator and explains how electricity can be traced back to its light and energy.  Throughout the book tiny yellow dots represent the sun's power as it streams from light, wind, water, and electricity. 
Tracing waves.
Later this evening, Evan was telling Daddy how he learned about light in school.  His explanation went like this:  "Daddy.  Me and Mommy went in the bathroom and it was dark and scary.  But you don't need to be scared because God made light.  We don't live in a dark house."

Today, we started to learn about the Letter Dd.  We sang the ABC's and Evan pointed out the letters that he knows.  We noticed what was represented on our Alphabet train by the Letter Dd - dog and dish.  This was perfect because our Dd card has a dog on it.  I taught Evan how to write the Letter Dd and he practiced writing it on the card.  

Evan learning how to write the Letter Dd.  Pretty good for his first time!
Then I got out the pieces for our Letter Dd Alphabuddy - Doctor Doggy.  Evan pieced him together and was excited to get a new puppet.  Of course we then had to get out Angie A, Bobby B, and Cathy C too!  We took turns putting on puppet shows with the Alphabuddies. 

Putting together Doctor Doggy.

Excited to have a new puppet!

Putting on a show with Cathy C and Doctor Doggy.

Proud of his performance!  Encore, Encore!
There is a Dancing Dogs puzzle in Evan's Dd Lapbook, and he enjoyed matching the pieces to make the picture.  
Dd is for Dogs - Dancing Dogs!
There is also a spin wheel of Dd words in his Dd Lapbook.  The first word is duck.  Evan glued a picture of a duck onto the book.  We read several duck books that we had checked out from the library.  I taught him a nursery rhyme called, "The Duck".  It goes like this:  "Behold the duck.  It does not cluck.  A cluck it lacks.  It quacks.  'Tis especially fond of a puddle or pond.  When it dines or sups, it bottoms up."  We were in Branson yesterday and knowing that we would be learning that Dd is for duck, we took the boys to 'Ride the Ducks'.  We each got a "quacker" and Evan hasn't stopped "quacking" since he got it!  He hasn't wanted to take it off from around his neck and even wanted to sleep with it!  Needless to say, he was thrilled that we were talking about ducks and wanted to "quack" even more all afternoon!  We put on lots of puppet shows with the Rubber Duck family and "quacked" a lot.  

Papa Duck says, "Quack, quack, quack, quack!"
The following pictures are from yesterday when we Rode the Ducks.  When the Duck went out on the water, Evan got to drive.  He loved this!  He got an Honorary Duck Captain Certificate.  He thought he was pretty cool! 
Getting ready to Ride the Ducks.

Alan and Adam with their "Quackers."

I felt sorry for the people sitting in front of Evan!  They probably heard quacking in their sleep last night!
Honorary Duck Captain Evan steering on the water.
This quarter at church, Evan's Bible class topic has been all about how God made everything special.  Tonight, they happened to learn that God made ducks special.  Evan came out of Bible class with a duck necklace and duck stickers!  I told his teacher that we had been talking about ducks all day!  Evan was so excited.  He's sleeping with his duck necklace tonight! 

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  1. Quack, Quack, Quack Evan...Papa and Grandma can't wait to come and see a puppet show from you with all the puppets you have made at school. We sure love seeing all the things you are making and learning. School is so much fun!!!