Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dd is for Donut

Today, Evan learned that Dd is for Donut.  So what do you think we made for breakfast?!  Evan was so excited to make donuts.  He used a cookie cutter to make the donut holes.  He like watching the donuts float in the fry daddy.  I asked him what color of frosting he wanted on his donuts, and he wanted blue.  So he dunked the donuts in the blue frosting.  He had to lick his fingers in between each dunk too!  After his first bite, he said, "UMMMMM, this is my favorite!"  They were good too.  My dad used to make donuts like this when I was a kid.  We had never done it before and the smell and taste brought back a lot of fond memories.  I hope that when Evan and Alan grow up they have lots of fond memories like this too!

Cutting out the donut holes.

"Look at them floating!"

"These are all Evan's!"

Evan wanted blue frosting on his donuts!

Better lick the frosting off my fingers!

"UMMMMM, this is my favorite!!!"

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