Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Tower of Babel and Review of the Letter Dd

Today's Bible Story was about the Tower of Babel.  Natually, both of the boys then wanted to play with blocks and build towers!  Evan would build a tower and Alan would attempt to put a piece on and more often than not, he would accidentally knock it over.  Evan was patient with first, but then he didn't want Alan 'helping' anymore!  So he decided to get his Number Bucket and build a tower out of that on the table, where Alan couldn't reach as easy.  He would build it and then knock it over and build it again.  (It's okay if it falls, as long as he was the one that knocked it over!)  But then he decided his tower wasn't high enough.  He kept saying, "Build it as high as the walls, Mommy!"  So I added a few blocks to it and went as high as I could.  Both boys thought this was amazing!  While building our towers, we sang a song that I made up.  It's to the tune of "The B-I-B-L-E".  It goes:  "The B-A-B-E-L, the B-A-B-E-L, the people built the Tower of Babel, B-A-B-E-L."  We sang it enough that Evan could sing along with me.  Both Evan and Alan recognized the tune, and after one time we sang "The B-A-B-E-L", Evan starting singing "The B-I-B-L-E".  So then everytime we sang the Babel version, we went ahead and sang the Bible version too. 

Alan 'helping' Evan build his tower.

Evan building an even bigger tower on the table.
Evan wanted a tower as high as the walls!
After everyone was tired of building towers, we reviewed the Letter Dd.  We read, "Angus Lost" and looked through Evan's lapbook that he had made.  We put a few finishing touches on it and played the different games in it.  Evan loves the Dog Matching Game.  We played it over and over.  Then I wrote the word 'dog' on the board and we talked about the letters in it.  Evan wanted to write it too.  He did a great job!  His 'g' looked like a 'q', but I was still really impressed.  We haven't talked about the Letter Gg yet and he had never attempted to write it before, so all things considered, he did GREAT!
Evan's first attempt at writing the word 'dog'.  TERRIFIC!
Alan loves playing with the Letter Flashcards.  So we matched the big cards to the small cards.  Alan loves cats, so he always wants to the hold the Cc Flashcard.  He looks at it and meows!  Here lately, he has been talking cat a lot.  He just walks around meowing!  He sleeps with a cat too and when I put him to bed, he lays there and talks and meows to his cat.  It's hilarious!  Sometimes, when I say a word and ask what letter it starts with, I emphasize the starting sound.  For example, I might say, "B B Bumblebee."  Today, while holding the Letter Cc flashcard, Alan looks at me and says, "B B Cat!"  He's so precious!  Evan thought it was hilarious!

Matching the flashcards.
We practiced writing the Letter Dd on the flashcard and then got out our Letter Dd puppets - Doctor Doggy and Dolphin.  We put on puppet shows for each other.  We had a few things to glue into the Letter Dd Lapbook and a few pictures to color.  So we finished that up and Alan helped Evan color the pictures.   
Writing the Letter Dd.

Evan putting on a puppet show with Doctor Doggy and Dolphin.

The boys put some finishing touches on the Letter Dd Lapbook.

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