Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Back on Track - Part 2

We continued our 'getting back on track' review today.  Both of the boys have been so excited each day to play school.  They love having a routine and schedule (as do I!).  We do the same thing each morning when we start school so that they know exactly what to expect.  1.  Evan gets all of the day magnets off the board.  2.  We line them up in order on the table.  3.  We sing the "Days of the Week" song.  4.  Evan puts up the Today is, Yesterday was, and Tomorrow will be magnets and then he always makes some sort of design on the board with the remaining 4 magnets.  5.  We say the Pledge of Allegiance.  6.  Evan recites all of his verses as I point to each sticker on his Bible Chart and give the scripture reference.  7.  We sing "Around the Circle we will go..." while running around the table.  8.  Song ends with me falling on the floor and both boys dog piling me.  9.  Then they both want airplane rides since I am already on the ground.  10.  Then they get to put dinosaur stamps on their hands and legs.  And that's all in about the first 10 minutes! 

They both love the dinosaur stamp part!  I sure hope I can find more of these when the ink runs out!  I can't believe it hasn't by now.
Alan finally figured out today how to stamp himself.  He normally just wants to suck on them!  He was so proud of himself and ran into the other room to show Daddy.  From the school room, I could hear, "Daddy Daddy, ook, ook, my onsaur!"
After getting dinosaur stamps, we read our Bible Story for the day.  Today, we read about the Garden of Eden.  They both liked the evil hissing voice that I used for 'Satan the snake' so we had to read it a couple of times!  Tonight during Family Bible Time, Daddy didn't know about the evil hissing voice, so Mommy had to read the story again and show him how it was done!  The more animated you get, the more they love it!  As soon as I started to read the story tonight, Alan was pointing at the page and saying "Snake, snake!" and we weren't even to that page yet!  Evan found a big picture of a snake in one of his coloring books and wanted to paint it.  So now we have a huge picture of 'Satan the snake' on our refrigerator.

Evan was so proud of his picture and thought it was really cool, so everytime he went to look at it I had to remind him that 'Satan the snake' is very bad and mean and tempted Adam and Eve.  After dinner I was reminding him of this, and he said, "Yeah, Adam and Eve had to leave the garden and there are angels with fire."  He was listening!
After Bible Story time, each of the boys picked a story that they wanted to read.  Today Evan wanted to read "The Snowy Day" by Ezra Jack Keats (very appropriate for today!!!) and "Curious George".  Alan picked a book from the "Your Baby Can Read" program.  While reading Alan's book, he identified his first written word - nose!  He was so proud of himself and kept grabbing his nose and then mine.  But then he kept saying that all the words were 'nose'.  Oh well!  At least he knows that one!  Since we were already looking at the vocabulary words in Alan's book, we went ahead and played a matching game with the flashcards.  
Finding the matching words.
After playing this game, Evan wanted to play more games, so we played Hungry Hungry Hippo and then the Fishing Game.  The Fishing Game was perfect to work with Alan on color identification.  It worked well with Evan too since we had been talking about Red, Yellow, and Green on the stoplight. 

Evan caught all the green fish!
In reviewing our letters today, we focused primarily on the Letter C.  In doing so, I realized that we had never finished "The Red Carpet" Lapbook.  We spent the rest of our time talking about that book and putting the finishing touches on the lapbook.  

Gluing 'red carpet' all over the town map.

Covering all the streets with 'red carpet'.

Painting some other things that are red.

Tonight before bed, Evan wanted Daddy to read "The Red Carpet"!  I'm so glad that both the boys love to read.  Even more glad that they love to cuddle while we read!  I sure hope they don't grow out of that anytime soon!

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