Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Both boys have just loved playing with the pop blocks (which I discovered are really called snap cubes - I like my name better!).  They have been perfect for sorting and sequence exercises with Evan and color recognition with Alan.

I guess Alan wanted Tigris to help him sort the colors!  Or maybe he just wanted to tackle her!

Alan made a snake!

Evan wanted to make Adam and Eve out of the pop blocks!  I did my best, and he LOVED them!

When we started playing school today, Evan got out a book called, "My Colors."  He couldn't wait to read it!  So I decided we would go ahead and have a color day.  We talked about the different letters in the word color.  According to Evan, you spell the word 'color' (this is what he said as I pointed to each letter), "C - O - #1 - circle - say it with me!"  As mentioned in a previous post, Evan says, "say it with me," when he is unsure or doesn't know the answer.  I wrote the word 'Color' on the board and he copied it.  I was really impressed!  He did a great job!

"C - O - #1 - circle - say it with me!"
After we read "My Colors," I thought it would be fun to paint a picture.  At the front of this book, it has a picture of a set of watercolors and paint blobs for each color.  Evan had fun trying to copy the picture.  When he was done, he wanted me to paint a picture of Thomas and Percy. 

My little artist.
 We used the bucket of Transportation counters to do some sorting and sequencing exercises.  Old egg flats work great for this sort of thing!  

Evan sorted them all by color.
I was going to do a simple pattern exercise by making a train out of constuction paper and putting circle stickers on it, but then I couldn't find my circle stickers.  Our Bible story for the day was about Noah's ark, so instead of circle stickers, we put animal stickers (2 by 2) on the freight cars.  Evan has a computer game where James transports animals to the zoo.  He uses 3 freight cars to help him.  So our little exercise turned into the perfect opportunity to act out his computer game!
Cutting out his freight cars.

Putting animals on his train.
Since I couldn't find my circle stickers, I thought we would just do some sticker games from a sticker book. 

Matching the stickers to the right color.

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