Friday, August 19, 2011

Days of Creation

On Tuesday, we finished reading Evan and Alan's Beginner's Bible.  It was priceless to see and feel Evan's sense of accomplishment!  He was so proud that we had read the whole Bible!  And perhaps the most exciting part of all was that he couldn't wait to start reading it all over again!  Everyday when I tell the boys that it is time to go 'read Bibles,' they drop whatever they are doing and it is a mad dash for the schoolroom.  They each have their own little easy chair that they jump in and sit and wait for me.  The moment I sit down to read, Evan always asks, "Mommy, I wonder what we are going to learn about today." 

Today, we started again at the very beginning - Creation.  After we read through the creation account once, we went back through and reviewed each of the six days.  By looking at the pictures, both the boys were able to tell me what God made on each day.  We sang the creation song for each day too and Evan sang right along and knew all the words.

Day One, Day One, God made light when there was none.
Day Two, Day Two, God made clouds and skys of blue.
Day Three, Day Three, God made plants and flowers and trees.
Day Four, Day Four, Sun and moon and stars galore.
Day Five, Day Five, God made birds and fish alive.
Sixth Day, Sixth Day, God made animals and man that day.
Day Seven, Day Seven, God did rest in His heaven.

After studying the creation account, we did a little Bible worksheet.  The boys colored the pictures that went with each day of creation, cut them out and glued them onto a piece of construction paper. 

I don't know if it is a boy thing or not, but at this point, Evan just has very little desire to try to stay in the lines.  When I encourage him to slow down and try he can do pretty good, but after a moment or two, he just goes right back.  Hopefully he'll figure it out one of these days!

He wanted to write his name on his completed picture.  He's getting a lot better at this!
We played with the number puzzle, and again reviewed the Days of Creation.  They love making a little game out of who can find the correct item, whether it is puzzle pieces or flashcards or whatever.  I'll say, "Evan, can you find the number 5?", "Alan, can you find the number 2?" and so on.  Today, we lined the numbers all up and I taught them the 'One, Two, buckle my shoe' rhyme.
These little Dollar Tree puzzles are great!  We use them ALL the time!
I reintroduced them to Timmy the Triangle.  Timmy is made out of craft sticks.  They played with him for awhile and then we had fun making different shapes out of pipe cleaners. 

Who needs a bunch of expensive toys, when you have craft sticks and pipe cleaners?!  Wish I would have known this a couple of years ago!

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